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response from property -Hello Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! This is just the beginning! We will be addressing many long standing concerns making, The Woodlands a GREAT place to call home! We appreciate you, if we can be of any further assistance please stop in! All the best, Lakiesha
submitted by Hayring V. - |Recommended: YesIm mostly happy here but it does need some improvement. — For the most part it is peaceful and any maintenance issues I've had are resolved right away. I do not like that I hear my neighbors like if they are sitting in my apartment. There needs to be more lighting outdoors because it is very dark at night. Aesthetically, the community could use some changes. Maybe painting the buildings white or light grey and painting the doors and shutters in matching colors would give it a fresh and more modern look and make it look less like tenement housing. The landscape could use more color and updating particularly in the backyard. Also, enforcing that tenants curb their dogs and providing more bag stations throughout would be great
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! We share your GREAT ideas for the Community and you'll be happy to know that a few are already underway! Exterior upgrades have begun; not only have we started to scale back and remove the dead trees throughout the Community, a list of lease reminders have circulated reminding pet owners to properly curb our furry neighbors. Door trims/frames are being painted/repaired and all hardware replaced! *Take a look on Branch Brook to see what's coming your way! Whats Next! Parking lot re-stripping and grill stations- Stay Tuned! If we can be of any further assistance, please stop in and let us know. All the best, Lakiesha
submitted by B - |Recommended: NoNo way. — The new rules this place is sending out are ridiculous. We are not ON BOARD with these changes. I thought Samantha was bad. But these changes are not for the residents. Thank God they kept the one maintenance man. They are now walking into people apartments without them being home. They have never done that before.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! We are very lucky to have Jose as an AION employee, but please know that "pte" permission to enter is a mandatory field for completion on all work orders. Notifications are provided to Residents if we have an inspection or upgrade need to enter your home with at least 24 hours- 72 in most cases and you are not able to place a work order through our portal without 1st allowing permission to our wonderful new maintenance team to enter and address your concern. Please shoot me an email with details on this occurrence as I would like to assure if this was the case that it never happens again. Please also refer to the conveniently located lease references attached to your Community Reminders pamphlet as we have not incorporated any new rules to date, but are enforcing the very necessary terms of your current lease. If you have any questions or concerns we have an open door policy, stop in and tell us how we can assist! All the best, Lakiesha
submitted by DJ - |Recommended: NoBad to worse — The new managment is imposing a massive amount of changes to the past practices. I have been living here for 4 years. They have attempted to force people to pay 50 dollars a month for cars, imposing some serious changes to the past practice pet policy, increasing rents to new leases by up to few 100 dollars, added fees to rent, threatening to dispose of children's toys if left out, and the leasing office staff attitude has been lackluster at best. They have spoken to a few of my neighbors very harshly thus far. Dont be fooled by the professional demeanor of the staff on these forums. They appear to be bulling the tenants into there new policies. As a tenant who once liked it here, I do not recommend this place to anyone. They are causing a lot of undo stress to the tenants. It is definitely sad this is happening again to the tenants here. I pray the Woodlands starts taking into consideration we have a great community here, they are changing that.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! The $50 monthly fee for lot parking is optional for new move in's and will be imposed if a resident chooses to obtain or renew parking at the time of renewal, keeping very much inline with the fees charged in the market for parking; however convenient street parking is also an option. Please refer to the conveniently located lease references attached to your Community Reminders pamphlet as we have not incorporated any new rules to date, but are enforcing the very necessary terms of your current lease. Pet owners are being asked to return their Belleville pet license in compliance with the Belleville Township ordinance; in addition to the customary and understandable request to curb and leash pets. While not a threat, it does clearly state in your current lease agreement that no toys, bikes etc. are to be left unattended and/or overnight. This concern was brought to the attention of the office by residents who choose not to walk out to a court yard of abandoned toys each morning, for all involved- this lease term will be enforced. The professional practices and demeanor of, The Woodlands staff and myself is very consistent with AION superior service expectations, and our individual personal pride in bringing the Woodlands Residents a great place to call home! If you have any questions or concerns we have an open door policy, stop in and tell us how we can assist! All the best, Lakiesha
submitted by K H. - |Recommended: NoNice place, but needs lots of improvement. — I have been living in the 2 bedroom unit for over 4 years now. We have seen various management changes. Many residents move here because they take pets. As you walk the community you will see MANY dog owners in the area. Some clean up after their pet, some dont. Maintenance doesn't like working on your apartment and they half do things. New management honestly looks like they will be an issue. They want residents to remove grills as they are putting up grille stations . Are we suppose to throw away our existing grilles I dont want to cook my food on same grills as STRANGERS. People are not going to clean up after themselves, and how about religious people who cant eat off a grille that had a certain type of meat on it, ie pork. They want to supply tags to put on your dog collar doesnt make sense . They are giving new stickers for lot parking, but that doesnt solve the no parking space issue for people who work late and come home to no parking. Removing one door lock is a issue.
response from property -Good day Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! The well wishes and kudos from your neighbors since our purchase of the Community has been overwhelmingly positive, have we met? If not, please feel free to stop in anytime, we love meeting our residents! It appears everyone is on-board with the Community Reminders that will enforce the current lease. The reminder reiterates the lease that states that, no grills are permitted; however as mentioned, we will be enhancing the beautiful grounds with 2 grill stations that will include multiple grills and benches at each location. While we expect our great residents to be neighborly as they utilize the Community grills which will include using aluminum foil and properly cleaning after each use; our new maintenance team are always onsite and ready to take care of any work orders and assure our grill stations are kept clean and tidy for the next persons use! We love our furry neighbors and pet tags will assure we can properly locate the pet's owner if lost, who is and aren't cleaning up after their pet and the window decal will assure that our wonderful Maintenance team does not get hurt entering a unit without a pet listed and/or allowing a pet to leave the home when they enter. We love our pets here at, The Woodlands! Parking will be monitored closely with the 2nd step being new parking decals (to be updated yearly), the 1st step was getting a new towing company. Restriping is also coming mid-July- all in an effort to assure parking is available to our paying Residents. We look forward to offering your superior service for years to come! Thanks, Lakiesha
submitted by Frantz J. - |Recommended: NoMaintenance is horrible — Hopefully this new management team will handle things differently. Water pressure in the bathroom is too low We are hardly able to take showers. The toilet is a mess. It had to be flushed multiple times to get rid of the waste. We have asked for it to be replaced to no avail. Our refrigerator broke down last year and you should see the one they replaced it with. I asked the person who came with it, why not give us a new one . He said no . We have asked them many times to do something about the tile on the floor of the bathroom and the ones around the tub and nothing was ever done. Sometimes in mid winter there is no hot water to even take a shower before work. The list goes on and on. Which you guys will handle things differently.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident! Thank you for your review. Please send me an email directly with your concerns, let's get them taken care of for you! We look forward to exceeding your living expectations for years to come! ~Lakiesha
submitted by Rolando P. - |Recommended: YesDescent Place to Live — Woodlands is a nice neighborhood with friendly atmosphere. The neighborhood is clean. The size of the apartments are descent and comfortable for a couple or small family. Neighbors are respectful of each other and do look after each other if need be. Issues I have are that parking is first come first serve instead of assigned parking and it is hard to get a space specially after 11pm. If there is a visitor there is no parking to accommodate visitors except for street parking outside of the facility. You can hear the next door neighbor load enough through the wall during at night or from outside during the day. But this is to be expected in close knit apartments.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident! Thank you for your review! We look forward to exceeding your living expectations for years to come! ~Lakiesha
submitted by Aura D. - |Recommended: YesQuiet and as of now affordable — Yes I do.
response from property -Thank you for making your home here at , The Woodlands. We look forward to serving you for years to come!~ Lakiesha
submitted by Maryeling G. - |Recommended: YesThe property is located at a very conviniently location. Close to all the highways and to the center of Belleville — Somewhat quite but there aren't assigned parking spots included for residents, which makes it very hard for residents that work evening shifts to find parking even though they pay for the right to park, and there are too many pets whose owners don't pick up their mess when they walk them.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, Thank you for your review! We understand that parking can be difficult in the lot at times; luckily we have street parking as an alternative and have recently rolled out a new monitoring company to assist. Please feel free to stop in and share with us any concerns you may have, and be on the look out for our circulating community booklet that will remind your neighbors to assure they are curbing their furry friends! All the best~Lakiesha
submitted by Rosanna A. - |Recommended: YesI excited to see the changes with the new management — It's nice living here if your lucky to have good neighbors in your building who are clean and quiet.
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, We're happy you're enjoying your residency and excited to share with you "What's new at the Woodlands!" Stay Tuned! It's just the beginning! We have an open door policy, feel free to stop in anytime! All the best~Lakiesha
submitted by Michelle W. - |Recommended: YesI think it s the same under new managament — Its ok
response from property -Hello Valued Resident, We happily accept the challenge to show and prove our differences! While the exterior enhancements are well underway - Stay Tuned! It's just the beginning! Please feel free to stop in and share with us any open concerns you may have. All the best~Lakiesha
submitted by Ben - |Recommended: YesFinally some needed change — I have nothing positive to say about the previous management, these new staff are very professional and very polite, with just a few weeks of their presence and I already notice the positive changes, keep up the good work and we appreciate it, perhaps you can find a solution to the electrical problem, the parking problem and the dog mess.
response from property -Thank you for your positive review! We're pleased that you've notice our efforts and are excited for you and your neighbors to see all the exciting things in store for The Woodlands! ~Lakiesha
submitted by John A. - |Recommended: YesBasing this review on experiences with old and new management — My review is mainly based on issues with old management in the approximate 4 years that i've been here, but I will not invalidate the positive efforts made with the new Management team. Parking here is terrible, After a certain time of night, you have to make up your own illegal version of a parking spot. the walls are so thin, you can hear your neighbors if anything exciting is happening i.e., play music, get excited about a family event, personal discussion argument, watching a movie loud, etc... basically anything that could normally happen in a home short of whispering. The grounds need better maintenance as well. I see the notable effort to finally trim down the shrubs and greenery where necessary. Must also cut dead wood, fix broken pavement, even ground in some areas, put up more dog waste bags and bins. the fixtures, both in and outside the apartment are poorly built or of poor quality. Maintenance does short cut fixes, and that is if they show up. or they show up and say be right back but never do. The previous staff had no professionalism. attitudes were quite disgusting in fact. That was the first major improvement I noted from AION Management that I am in love with. the above noted, and a few other minor things are the issues I have taken into account and been frustrated by while living here. however, overall, this apartment isn't the worst, but for what people pay here, I think it is fair to say certain issues shouldn't even exist. I would still recommend the place, but please do make the improvements. Most of my review is related to how things have been run so far up until this new management took over, and I am aware that fixing things takes time, so no worries, I get it. I look forward to seeing the improvements.

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